Tangail District

Tangail subdivision was established in 1870 and was turned into a district in 1969. The over-all area of the district is 3414.35 sq km, with a population of 36,05,083. One of the major infrastructure that exist in Tangail is Bangobandhu Bridge. It has been declared as a Key Point Installation (KPI) due to its strategic importance in the communication and transportation sector and its overall impact on the economy. Tangail district police also started its journey on 1st December 1969 and comprised of a total of 13 police stations: Sadar, Mirzapur, Nagarpur, Sokhipur, Basail, Delduar, Modhupur, Ghatail, Kalihati, Bhuapur, Bangabandhu Bridge east, Dhonbari and Gopalpur under 03 circles.