Shariatpur District

Shariatpur district was named after Haji Shariatullah (1781-1840), the founder of Faraizi Movement and an eminent Islamic reformer during British Raj. Shariatpur was established as district on March1,1984. Earlier it was known as Palong Thana under Faridpur sub-division. There are seven police stations: Palong, Naria, Janjira, Vedorgong, Damudya, Gosairhat and Shakhipur, and six upazilas- Palong, Naria, Janjira, Vedorgong, Damudya, Gosairhat. Burirhat Mosque in Palong, Kartikpur Zaminderbari in Naria, Haturia Zaminderbari in sairhat are few places of historical importance in the district.