Message from DIG

I would like to express my heartiest felicitations to the people of Dhaka division on the occasion of the launching of Dhaka Range Police webpage. It is a matter of great privilege and honor for me to serve the people of this area under the aegis of Bangladesh Police.

Dhaka Range is the largest and oldest of all the ranges of Bangladesh Police which was created to maintain law and order and to serve the people of this division. In continuation of that legacy, we are firmly committed to ensure the safety of people’s life and property and make Dhaka division a secured place with highly professional and responsive policing. Dhaka Range Police has always strived to guarantee efficient, impartial, transparent and accountable police administration to address people’s hopes and aspirations. For upholding the rule of law, we are dedicated to the prevention and detection of crime, bringing criminals to the process of law, taking strong stance against terrorism, militancy and anti-social activities.

We firmly believe that we can deliver our service to the doorsteps of people with active cooperation of the public. With this in view, we are focused more on building strong ties with them through our community and people-oriented policing. We are working with utmost dedication and sincerity to win people’s trust and confidence by continuously living up to their expectations.

I sincerely hope that this new official webpage would open up a new horizon for providing better policing service to the people.